7 Best Baby Dolls for Toddlers (+ Accessories!)

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If you are like me, I have always loved baby dolls and played with them until I was 13! There is nothing like an adorable baby doll to foster a nurturing instinct in your child. I will never forget my 3 first baby dolls as a toddler (and neither will my mother, who had such fun picking them out for me). Luckily there are many pictures of me cuddling with my dolls from age 1 and up.

I specifically remember the doll that I got for Christmas when I was 3 (I actually remember every  one of my baby dolls)!! But the first one I remember as a toddler was named “Toodles” and she came with a shopping cart and some little toy food for me to shop for! What fun!  I also fondly remember my Thumbelina doll (she sucked her thumb and played music) and my Tiny Tears doll.

I’m probably giving away my age here, but baby dolls are a classic toy that is probably played with and remembered with more affection than any other. That will never change, so here are the very best baby dolls for toddlers for 2020:

Melissa and Doug “Mine to Love” Baby Doll

Starting with the perfect first baby doll, the Melissa and Doug “Mine to Love” baby doll complete set. The doll is realistic and adorable, a perfect size for toddlers (18 inches), eyes open and close and the doll even sucks her thumb and drinks and wets. This item is a complete deluxe baby care play set with everything your toddler needs to take care of her new baby!

There is a bathtub with rubber ducky, hooded towel, blanket, sippy cups, and play food, bottles, bibs and dishes. You can never go wrong with Melissa and Doug “Gold Standard” award-winning toys!

For ages 3 and up but younger toddlers would also enjoy this doll. This doll may also be purchased without the accessories.

To complete your doll’s nursery, I am including links below to the Melissa and Doug “Mine to Love” stroller and crib. But then why not TOTALLY delight your toddler with the Melissa and Doug Nursery (see these items below).

Great Melissa & Doug Accessories:

Melissa and Doug Doll Stroller

This adorable stroller is perfect for toddlers to push their baby dolls and stuffed animals. It fits all Melissa & Doug “Mine to Love” baby dolls and any baby doll up to 20 inches tall. It features non-skid wheels, a fabric seat and a pocket for baby supplies. 

Easy assembly! Gender neutral. For ages 3 and up.

Melissa and Doug Doll Crib

This beautiful Melissa and Doug Crib has a “sleigh” design that is charmingly realistic. Made of sturdy wood, your toddler can rock their baby doll (up to 20 inches tall) to blissful sleep.

Pros: Easy to assemble.

Melissa and Doug Baby Care Activity Center 

This nursery care center has it all! Your toddler will spend hours feeding, bathing and playing with their baby dolls in this unit that features a kitchen, feeding chair, changing table, bathtub and bed! There’s even a washing machine with a clicking dial, as well as hanging storage for baby clothes.

For ages 3 and up.

Adora Sweet Baby Girl Blossom – Machine Washable Baby Doll Age 1+ (Amazon Exclusive)

While all dolls made by Adora are totally adorable, here’s a series of baby dolls made specifically for the youngest toddlers, age 1 and up. Sweet Baby Blossom is a soft, cuddly baby doll with a sweet expression. Just 11 inches tall, she is the perfect size for your baby to tote around, play with and sleep with. She can sit up, as well as suck her thumb when you place it in her mouth. She has baby blue eyes and is wearing a cute pink romper and matching knitted cap. She comes in a cute box that is made to look like a crib. This award winning  baby doll is hypoallergenic machine washable! Adora Sweet Baby Girl Blossom is a perfect first baby doll!

Comes in an adorable crib box. For age 1 and up.

Adora Playtime Petal Pink Doll

Adora is a doll company with a whole line of absolutely adorable dolls for toddlers. Here is another one that your toddler is sure to love, the Adora Playtime Petal Pink Doll. This baby doll is 13 inches tall and is soft with a weighted beanbag bottom for sitting up. She has open and close eyes, can suck her thumb, and has a fresh baby powder scent. She is made of “gentle touch” vinyl so she is soft and super cuddly with a smooth, silky body. Her adorable outfit is removable, and she is machine washable.

Pros: Obviously the fact that she is machine washable is a huge plus!

For ages 1 and up.

Baby Alive Dreamy

Baby Alive dolls have been around for years, starting with the most basic models that can eat food that your child mixes with water and then it comes out in the diaper! Now there is a new model Baby Alive in town, and she’s the star of the show!

Baby Alive Dreamy is one of the newest Baby Alive Grows Up dolls. Two of the models are Shining Skylar or Star Dreamer. This talking doll is amazing! She really grows taller and is full of surprises. When your toddler first feeds her, the dolls open and show you what color they are. She kicks off her blanket and sits up and says her first words! 

By bouncing and rocking the doll, pressing her bracelet and holding her hands, the doll will actually grow 4 inches taller, from a baby to a toddler. You can also use her brush and extend her hair to make it longer. Her accessories include a onesie, blanket, bottle, bib, hat, brush and clothes. She says over 75 words and phrases, and your child can reset her at any time to go back to a baby again. 

For ages 3 and up.


  • This is like having 3 dolls in one: infant, toddler and child!
  • She really says a lot!


  • Her dress is non removable.

Kindi Kids Shiver ‘N’ Shake Rainbow Kate

There’s a new doll in town, and she’s one of the Kindi Kids: Kindi Kids Kate Shiver and Kate. This new line of dolls for ages 3 and up is super cute and comes with awesome accessories. Remember Shopkins? Well, they are still around and going strong, but this is Shopkins for the younger set! Bigger pieces and bigger dolls, they are colorful and fun and your toddler will find them irresistible!

Kate Shiver and Shake says over 40 phrases and sounds, and she comes with accessories to help a sick baby feel better: a child-sized stethoscope, thermometer, blanket and more. Kate shivers from a fever, but you can make her feel better! There are lots of accessories to purchase separately such as an ambulance that folds old into a hospital room (see link below). 

Pros: Really cool dolls and fun accessories will engage your toddler to interact with dolls in all kinds of scenarios, from making her feel better, to shopping or riding a scooter. Get more than one doll for building even more social skills and interactions! So many dolls and accessories to choose from!

For ages 3 and up.

Waterbabies Bathtime Fun Unicorn Doll

Still another classic doll for toddlers, Water Babies have been delighting toddler for several years now. Fill them with water and they feel soft and jiggly, real and even warm and cuddly! Can easily go into bath or play with outside of tub. The Bathtime Fun Unicorn Water Baby is the cutest of them all; she wears a cute pink unicorn cape with a hood (and horn) and can float in her unicorn swim ring.

Pros: Only 9 inches tall, she is a perfect size for even the youngest toddler. Totally waterproof.

For ages 3 and up.

Corolle Mon Premier Poupon Bebe Calin Loving Melodies Interactive Talking Baby Doll

Corolle baby dolls are known to set the standard, and this one is one of the best! She is SO interactive: she talks, laughs, cries, makes a kissing sound, says “Mama” and plays music! At 12 inches tall, this baby is the perfect size for a first baby doll for a toddler. Made of soft-touch vinyl, she is also scented with a sweet vanilla smell, is poseable and supersoft, and closes her eyes when you lay her down. She is a perfect first baby doll to love!

For ages 18 months and up.

Disney Princess “Ariel” Baby Doll

Disney makes several princess baby dolls, but the Ariel baby doll is one of our favorites. This baby princess is adorable with her red hair and shimmering dress and tiara. She is 12 inches tall, very soft and cuddly and comes with her own pacifier

For ages 2 and up.

Pros: Baby Ariel is machine washable. There are lots of matching accessories for Baby Ariel, such as her adorable stroller (see link below).

Little Mermaid Doll Stroller

This is the CUTEST doll stroller to get for your toddler! With a little mermaid theme, this stroller has an adjustable canopy as well as an adjustable (and removable) seat. It features a toy tray for your baby doll wit”Little Mermaid friend toys that move. It also blows bubbles and plays “Under the Sea” from the Little Mermaid. There is a storage tray underneath the stroller. Your toddler will absolutely love this adorable stroller!

Pros: Unique Little Mermaid theme and removable toy tray that blows bubbles and plays music. 

Seat is removable to be a portable baby seat.

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