10 Best Hatchimals that Your Kids Definitely Want in 2020

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Having two kids who are avid TV watchers (especially my daughter), I’ve seen many many YouTube videos and commercials, and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that one of the hottest toys this year is HATCHIMALS. If you are out of the toy loop, these are toy eggs that the child peels open to find a surprise mini doll or animal inside.

And the kids love them, and they even will sit for hours watching videos of OTHER people peeling the Hatchimal eggs to see what’s inside. It might be a Pixie doll or a mermaid (mermal) or a little pet hatchimal. All of them are adorable little creatures, and the kids are going wild over them. 

Because there are SO MANY different Hatchimals to choose from, I am going to narrow it down for you to the best Hatchimals of all, so you can easily choose the best of the best of this hot item, guaranteed to be an exciting gift for almost any kid!

All Hatchimal sets are made for ages 5 and up (but my 3 year old loves them, too!)

Hatchimals ColleGGtibles Jewelry Box Royal Dozen

The Hatchimals Jewelry Box collection is a perfect start to your collection of Hatchimals. You get to “hatch” 12 different and unique Hatchimals along with fun accessories, and you can store your new Hatchimals in this sparkly egg carton. 

Hatchimals Mystery – Hatch 1 of 4 Fluffy Interactive Mystery Characters

These adorable plush Hatchimals are super interactive; they can play games with your child and even learn their name!

Each Mystery Fluffy Hatchimal comes in a unique speckled egg. Tap the egg and it will tap back to you! Keep rubbing the egg to encourage your Hatchimal to start pecking its way out of the egg.

Super fluffy Hatchimals even have light-up eyes and fuzzy wings that spread open.. As you care for your baby Hatchimal, it will gradually turn from a baby into a toddler and kid Hatchimal, learning new songs and new words along the way. It can even move and walk! The more you play, the more your Hatchimal will respond to you!

Hatchimals Pixies Royals 2 Pack

Get ready for the Royal Snow Ball! Hatchimals Pixie Royals are tiny princesses with sparkly hair, magical wings and fluttery wings. Each Pixie Royal comes with 3 royal accessories (like a masquerade mask) and a spinning dance floor to twirl your Pixie Royal around. To hatch the eggs, rub the heart until the color changes and then press down gently to crack the egg shell. Which Pixie will you get??

Hatchimals Pixie Riders

Hatchimals Pixie Riders are adorable Hatchimal Pixies are adorable tiny princesses that can sit and “ride” on glittery Pixie Ponies. Each playset has a magical unboxing experience, starting with the beautiful display box, sparkly hatching egg, doll and accessories. Which of the 10 gorgeous Pixie Riders will you get? Makes a great display, toy and gift for any child!

Hatchimals ColleGGtibles Mermal Magic Underwater Aquarium

A magical aquarium made just for Hatchimals “Mermals” (part animal and part mermaid!) Rub the seashell-shaped, press gently and crack the egg to find which mermal you got! Eight mermals come in this set. Dip them into the aquarium to see them change color again and again! Watch the mermals dive and land to bring your underwater scene to life!  

Hatchimals ColleGGtibles Coral Castle Fold Open Playset

The sparkly Coral Castle folds open to be a home for all your Hatchimal Mermals. There are over 25 unique places for the Mermals to play and rest: have them ride on the seashell spinner or royal swing, run through the glitter shower and glide down a beautiful wave into the Mermal pool. Two unique color-changing Hatchimal Mermals are included

Hatchimals ColleGGtibles Cosmic Candy Shop with Exclusive Pixie

This Hatchimal Cosmic Candy Shop Playset has two sides: flip it around to play with the candy shop with a donut table and stairs and candy booths; flip it the other way to become a cosmic cafe with a couch, a DJ booth and a slide. Two exclusive hatchimals are included, Galaxy Gwen Pixie and Llamaloon. Also comes with 14 accessories and 2 sheets of scented stickers.

Hatchimals ColleGGtibles Glitter Salon Playset with 2 Exclusive Hatchimals

Here is a Hatchimal Salon where your child can actually add glitter to their hatchimals! The salon features a working glitterizer with a vanity and swivel chair. Brush the included adhesive onto a Hatchimal, place into the working glitterizer and lock it, then press the snowflake button to make glitter shower down and add sparkle to your character.

Comes with 2 exclusive CollEGGtible hatchimal characters, everything you need to glitterize your hatchimal, accessories, and a roll of glittery stickers.

Hatchimals HatchiBabies Kitsee Hatching Egg with Interactive Pet Baby

Another set of interactive Hatchibabies, this time with not one but 2 Hatchimals (one is a baby). Furry, sparkly and completely interactive, this is the ultimate interactive Hatchimal set!

Before even hatching, place the egg on a table top and it will move by itself. To find out your surprise character, rub, tap, snuggle and pat your Hatchibabies egg, and they will respond with adorable baby sounds. The more you play with them, the more they will respond!

Once hatched these babies will really come alive, moving their beaks and rocking back and forth. Accessories include a crystal highchair, sparkly rattle, and more. You can feed, burp and tickle your Hatchibaby. As you play, more and more responses will be unlocked. Your baby can learn to talk, play peek-a-boo and more!

Hatchimals Pixie Crystal Flyer

This is THE hottest Hatchimal right now, and super hard to find! But I see they are back on Amazon and if you have a child 6 and older I would make sure to grab one of these. These are reminiscent of the Skydancer toys, only better! They are sparkly pixie dolls that fly up in the air and twirl around, but these don’t just drop to the ground; you can keep your Crystal Flyer going by guiding it with your hand. Just hold out your palm and the Crystal Flyer will go (mostly) wherever you want! In addition, they are rechargeable! A fun, beautiful and amazing toy that every girl wants this year!

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