12 Best Barbie Houses: The Ultimate List (2020)

best barbie houses - barbie doll houses - photo Little girl playing toys siting on a pink rug in a play room at home

The Barbie Dreamhouse has always been the pinnacle of dollhouses for little girls. Every girl (sometimes boy!) wanted her Barbies and friends to live the lavish lifestyle (Barbie Dreamhouse), or maybe live at the beach (Barbie Malibu Beach House) or in the city (in the Barbie Townhouse). The possibilities were endless, and these days even … Read more

11 Awesome Dollhouses for Boys (2020)

best dollhouses for boys - young kids painting a dollhouse

Dollhouses for boys have become more popular than ever! So we’ve put together a collection of some of the best out there. Are dollhouses just for girls? Definitely not! As a society, we are learning more about gender roles, and realizing that little boys and girls should have equal opportunities to explore all kinds of … Read more