7 Awesome Dollhouse Room Kits to Satisfy Your Creative Itch

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For my birthday my daughter got me a dollhouse room kit. She had recently purchased a complete dollhouse “kit” (where you assemble an entire dollhouse) and had a feeling I would like to make one, too (she was right!)  She decided to get me a “dollhouse room kit” (she chose a charming living room kit) to get me started on this craft. Assembling a room kit is a great way to get an idea of what it’s all about and to see if you would like to do eventually put a whole dollhouse together. It’s also a super easy way to make and decorate a complete room, something that you often have to DIY with traditional dollhouse kits.

Dollhouse room kits (as well as dollhouse kits) are great because you can start as simple and small or large and complex as you wish. The sky is the limit when it comes to the craft and fun of putting together a dollhouse kit.  I have reviewed the following kits as being the cutest and best. Everything you need is supplied with most kits except for the glue! The only problem is choosing just one kit!

Dollhouse Kit Library

I’m going to start the reviews with this very special and beautiful dollhouse kit made especially for book lovers. A miniature library, it is a cozy room filled to the brim with books and bookshelves. Also features a light kit, ladder, and comfy reading chair. Makes a unique gift for your favorite librarian or for anyone who appreciates a good book!

For ages 14 and up.

Everything you need to build this kit is included, including wood, fabric, light kit, glue, paint and paintbrush, tweezers. (You just need to supply the batteries for the light kit).

Christmas Room Kit

One of my favorite of all dollhouse room kits is the Christmas room by Flever. Beautiful and festive for the holiday season, I love working on this and making the Christmas spirit last for a long time. This dollhouse kit features everything you need for a perfect Christmas setting, including garland, wrapped presents, a Christmas tree and lights for a cozy Christmas glow. Even includes a dust cover and music box!

Pros: Everything you need is included except for batteries and glue. 

Cons: One reviewer said the pictures in the directions were tiny and hard to see.

Coffee House Room Kit

The Coffee House Room Kit is another high quality dollhouse kit with another uniquely themed Coffee House! Everything is included, and every tiny part is so charming and realistic. The coffee house is 3 stories high and includes materials to make a bakery case with treats, counter, lights, table & chairs and decor just like a real coffee house! Also includes a dust proof cover and music box. This kit is fun to create and fun to show off for years to come! 


  • Great quality kit
  • Clear directions, with pictures of furniture pieces sized to match, so you know you’re using the correct piece! Also, pieces are letter and number coded for easy identification.
  • Spectacular customer service!

Cons: Some reviewers wished the pictures were bigger and written, rather than in pictures.

Bakery Cake Shop Dollhouse Kit

The Bakery Cake Shop Dollhouse kit is simply scrumptious! Who doesn’t like looking at tiny treats! There’s even a cafe table (with table cloth) to let you linger while you’re gazing into the bakery case.  Made of high quality materials, this highly detailed building and accessories are fun to make and yummy to look at. Includes lights and an adorable kitty!

Pros: Directions are clearly written. Exceptional quality pieces match up correctly, the way they should but don’t always do!

Dollhouse Kitchen Room Kit

This amazing adorable miniature room kit by CuteBee makes the cutest kitchen ever! The cute retro-style pink refrigerator grabbed my attention right away. In addition, there are many highly detailed furniture pieces and accessories, including a brown paper bag full of groceries! There’s also a sink, cabinets, stove, counter with stools and even a kitchen wall clock. I can’t wait to put this together!

Light kit is included. This is a great kit for beginners.

For age 14 and up.

Rotating Dollhouse Kit

The Cutebee Rotating Dollhouse room is an adorable townhouse with stairs, balconies, and even a sweet pink car! So detailed, from the miniature bottle in the bathroom to the roses on the house. This is more than a room kit, it’s a whole house! The townhouse is completely 3 dimensional and looks adorable from all sides as it rotates inside the dome cover. Includes lights and music.

For ages 14 and up.


  • Really unique and charming room!
  • Very 3 dimensional; looks amazing front and back!

Cons: A little more difficult than other dollhouse room kits.

Hawaiian House Seaside Villa

I might be partial to this because I love the beach so much and Hawaii is my dream, but I think anyone would agree that this is a sensational and particularly beautiful dollhouse room kit. Again, it is really more of an entire house than a “room kit”, but it deserves a standing ovation for hobbyists who love creating beautiful rooms. Everything you need for your glamorous beach house is included (even the seashells!)


  • Exquisitely detailed
  • Many rooms and areas, spacious and elegant.
  • Dust cover included.

For ages 14 and up.