11 Awesome Dollhouses for Boys (2020)

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Dollhouses for boys have become more popular than ever! So we’ve put together a collection of some of the best out there.

Are dollhouses just for girls? Definitely not! As a society, we are learning more about gender roles, and realizing that little boys and girls should have equal opportunities to explore all kinds of toys, not just the ones that were socially acceptable in the past. Boys can and should be allowed (even encouraged) to play with baby dolls, as this could well be preparation for their roles as fathers in adulthood.

The same thing applies to dollhouses. In the past, most dollhouses were geared for feminine little girls, with shades of pink and many hearts and flowers, which sometimes discouraged parents from purchasing them for their sons. That has changed, as parents are realizing more and more that all children should have equal opportunities to play`1 with whatever they are interested in, whether it be toy cars or toy houses.

More than ever, dollhouses are made to be “gender-neutral,” to encourage both boys and girls to play with them. Every child should have the opportunity to enact and create family and home situations with little people and furniture. Dollhouses help children use their imagination, as well as help them to make sense of this big world. Dollhouses for boys can be as simple as a regular house decorated in neutral colors, or a fire station or castle: exciting houses and buildings to excite a boys sense of fun and adventure.

There are dozens of great options for boys dollhouses. Let’s check out 11 of them here.

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