Top Picks for the Best Toddler Dollhouse (2020)

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Looking for the perfect toddler dollhouse? I can help! I am a mother of 6, (and currently have 2 toddlers still at home). In addition, I grew up in a house where Christmases were magical, and I just love toys.

When picking out toys for my kids, a lot of research goes into it. As a former teacher I know what is age appropriate, safe, and best for learning. As a mother, I am looking for those same qualities, but as a toy fanatic, I also know what is going to make the kids leap with excitement, and which toy will inspire their imaginations and be played with for a long time to come.

I have found that the toys we choose for our kids will be part of their memories of childhood forever. This is how I know I can guide you in selecting the best toddler dollhouse.

I have reviewed the following dollhouses by age range, starting with the dollhouses for the youngest toddlers, ages 1 and up. When shopping for this age group you want to look for safety first: no sharp edges, and no small pieces, as toddlers put EVERYTHING in their mouths. These toddler dollhouses are extremely appealing, as well as filled with fun features.

Best Toddler Dollhouses for Young Toddlers

Best Dollhouses for Preschoolers + Older Toddlers

As children begin to grow into the preschool stage, imaginative play really explodes. The following dollhouses put the tools (yes, play is childrens’job!) right into their hands, and encourage their creativity to even greater heights! Here are some truly imagination-stirring dollhouses:

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